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Fra handels til klimakaravane: Protest og aksjon mellom WTO i Geneve og COP15 i København

Posted by Fredsvenn den oktober 23, 2009

caravan«We invite representatives from: indigenous, fisher folk, and peasants movements, from women and gender organisations, from affected communities that suffer from climate change or climate programs, from different southern groups active in the climate justice networking process, from initiatives which resist displacement and land grab, monoculture and agro-fuels, free trade regimes and neoliberal policies, and from all movements which struggle for food sovereignty, dignity for all peoples, climate justice, reparations for the ecological debt, a socially acceptable energy transition and alternative energy use and production.

To join us on: a 12-day caravan with representatives of popular movements worldwide. The caravan starts with 5 days of action in Geneva during the WTO Ministerial to decry the WTO’s blocking of real solutions to climate change: the return of small-scale farming, food sovereignty as well as decentralised energy sovereignty, guaranteeing the rights of forest peoples against the forces of deforestation, and the suspension of the intellectual property rights for renewable and climate change mitigation technology for developing countries.

On December 3 the caravans depart Geneva for a 5 day trip across Europe to speak and protest on the links between trade liberalization and climate change through cities such as Paris, Brussels, Cologne, Berlin and Hamburg.

On December 9 the caravan arrive in Copenhagen in time for the Conference on Ecological Debt, and caravaners join other activities during the Copenhagen Climate Talks, including OWINFS proposed workshops on Trade and Climate Change, the thematic action days of the CJA-network and the mass-action Reclaim Power – Push for Climate Justice.”

TRADE TO CLIMATE CARAVAN: Protest and Action between WTO in Geneva and COP15 in Copenhagen


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