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Playing for Change

Posted by Fredsvenn den september 6, 2009

Playing For Change | Peace Through Music

To dikt om tilværelsens lunefullhet:


Hello world!


To fathom the unscrupulous nature

To understand the ignorance

In as much as there is no reality

There will be belief

Poor mind bent souls

How manipulated they have become

How easily they are now lead

The evil is that of man

Not natures truth

How do we then undo this?

Is it possible to reverse?

Can they be returned to the truth?

Or are they lost forever

Their world is no longer real

Just a fabrication of insanity

Are they so lost??????

Old as the dark night

The mind warping have accomplished their goal

To control ones mind is to lose your very soul

To have them permeate your thoughts

To inject their mass fabrications


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