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European Emergency!: on May 6th some of the Europarlamentaries intend to finish with the freedom of the Internet

Posted by Fredsvenn den mai 5, 2009

This is a call for direct action. You just have to fill in this form and your message will reach automatically to ALL of the Europarlamentaries of your country.



call-to-action The Web as we know it is under serious threat. The new laws of the European Union («The Telecom Package») that is intended to be passed on May 6th, would allow internet providers the legal capacity of limiting the number of Web pages you can see and to decide if you are allowed or not the use certain services (like the P2P networks, the VOIP phone services, like Skype, or any other service they consider less profitable). The new Law would allow the providers to offer people connection-packages like TV packs with a limited number of options. That means that your Internet access will be limited depending on the packet you have signed for and you won’t be able to access to all pages, just to those included in ypur packet. Furthermore, under these laws they could filter pages and contents and survey your activities in Internet without any guarantee. To have a more detail vision of these things visit:

La quadrature.net

Black out Europe

We can still stop it with a massive delivery of emails before the May 6th. We have already sent more than 375.000 messages, but we need to reach one million emails. The few Europarlamentarians that are fighting to save our freedom and net neutrality have supported our action and call for more emails been sent. Only their inboxes full of messages from citizens can stop this madness. Don’t wait more, take 5 minutes to defend your freedom. Ask them to vote for ammendment 46 (the old ammendment 138) that guarantees our freedom.

Tomorrow might be too late


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