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La Mordechai Vanunu få komme til Norge NÅ!

Posted by Fredsvenn den mai 5, 2009

Brev fra Fredrik S. Heffermehl til utenriksminister Jonas Gahr Støre vedrørende Mordechai Vanunu

Dear Foreign Minister Jonas Gahr Støre,

For the  sixth time Mordechai Vanunu is now receiving a new administrative punishment for the same (alleged) crime he has earlier served 18 years for under extremely harsh conditions. Even one such addition of one year isin violation of the prohibition of double jeopardy in international law. The various legal reasons that have been envoked by the former and the present Norwegian government to justify inaction are not tenable. They were rejected by a broad and competent group of Norwegian lawyers last year; see http://www.peaceispossible.info/vanunuopprop.html

Today an Israeli journalist who is the preeminent expert on the Vanunu affair,Yossi Melman, described Vanunu’s ever more desperate plight in heartbreaking terms and delivered a severe condemnation of Israel’s treatment of him inthe leading Israeli newspaper, Haaretz.

It is high time for the Norwegian Labor party to regain the level of principledsupport for Vanunu’s human rights expressed by the Foreign Ministry in a letter signed by (Jan Egeland) on behalf of an earlier Labor government. Something has to be done without any further delay to stop the slow murder of a man who has done such great and courageous service to his own nation andthe world. If Norway is serious in wishing an end to nuclear weapons this is aplace to show it – without delay!

Sincerely yours,

Fredrik S. Heffermehl

Oslo, 23. april 2009








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