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Aksjon i USA

Posted by Fredsvenn den november 13, 2008

The Action:

For filmsnutter – HER: Pentagon Lies

Mer enn en million kopier av en spesiell utgave av New York Times datert 4. november 2009 (et år etter valget) ble i dag distribuert i New Yorks gater og andre amerikanske byer. Avisutgaven reflekterer hva som kan bli ansett som hvordan USA og vil bli hvis grasrotbevegelsenes stemmer blir hørt i de kommende månedene, med inspirerende langtrekkende sosiale, økonomiske og politiske forandringer og bygget på den bølgen av optimisme vi nå ser i USA. Bush blir satt for retten, Condoleezza Rice beklager at alt det om WMDs i Irak var funnet på og amerikanere får endelig nasjonal sykeforsikring. Og det er kun på forsiden …

Fake New York Times Proclaims End to Wars

Spoof – New York

Iraq Wars Ends

Under Siege: Islam, War & the Media

Media Workers Against the War is hosting this conference in London, titled Under Seige: Islam, War and the Media. The conference is open to all and advance booking for tickets has been brisk, which is hardly surprising, given the very impressive list of speakers, including Peter Oborne from the Daily Mail, Nick Davies from the Guardian, ex-Guantanamo prisoner Moazzam Begg, Inayat Bunglawala from the Muslim Council of Britain, campaigning civil rights lawyer Louise Christian and journalist Eamonn McCann, who is also a member of the Raytheon 9 campaign. (See below for more details of speakers.)

This conference comes at a crucial time. The election of the first black US president has raised expectations of change, but the «war on terror», now in its eighth year, continues. The war in Iraq is often spun as a «good news story», ignoring the desperate conditions suffered my most of its people. The war in Afghanistan is being escalated, despite the commander of the British troops stating recently, «We’re not going to win this war». These wars have been extended into Pakistan by illegal US airstrikes, carried out with increasing frequency. A largely unreported proxy war rages in Somalia. The Caucasus remain a cauldron of instability after the war this Summer in Ossetia.

At home, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have led to vilification of Islam and the scapegoating of Muslims. Journalists who investigate extremism have been targeted by the courts, while the police have used «terror» laws to harass photographers. A proper debate about reporting Islam is long overdue. Many leading journalists now acknowledge that too often the media has resorted to crude stereotypes of Muslims that fuel racism and extremism.

There was never a greater need for responsible, informed and investigative journalism. This conference will debate the role of the media in a world wracked by wars and economic breakdown. Tickets will be available on the day of the conference but, given the high interest already generated, pre-booking is advisable.





TICKETS AND FULL DETAILS: http://mwaw.net/conference/2008/

Hosted by Media Workers Against the War

Email info@mwaw.net

Tel 07801 789 297


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