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No Border Camp in Patras -Greece on 29-31 August 2008

Posted by Fredsvenn den mai 14, 2008

Year 2008 and the administrators of the worldwide authority wage wars and spread exploitation in order to further spread their sovereignty. One of these war conflicts is in Afghanistan, where the western powers including the Greek state and leaded by the USA, invaded in the name of the “war against terrorism” and they still fight this so called “humanitarian” war seeking to dominate the region on all levels. When the first bombs fell on Afghanistan the Greek society was demonstrating against the war, but today that the repercussions of war reach our region most of the people are hypocritically closing their eyes in front of these repercussions.

One of these repercussions is the situation in the city of Patras. Refugees from Afghanistan and other Arabian countries come to this city-gate of Europe with the expectation to travel further into Europe, and for some of them who might be lucky to acquire papers to stay in Greece. But they live in a climate of terror and violence by the authorities. They leave their countries because of the war which destroys everything or they leave in order to escape from the religious fundamentalism of the Taliban. They live and travel with the hope to establish in Europe a new life, a life more dignified and free from the one they left behind. However even here they suffer a different expression of the same war, as they are “illegal”, without papers, and they are not allowed to move freely. They live in the outskirts of society and actually they are deprived the recognition of the right in existence.

No Border camp in Patras


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