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Call for a Balkans Decentralized Network Meeting

Posted by Fredsvenn den mai 13, 2008

This is a call to every anarchist, antiauthoritarian, autonomous collective, to every grassroot movement from Balkans and eastern Europe in order to participate in the meetings for further development of the communication of the Balkans Decentralized Network (BDN), creating working groups, digital tools, infopoints, discuss about issues like antifasism, antimilitarism, infoshops and socials centers, no border camps.

The Balkans Decentralized Network is a vital regional network politically based on the 5 principles of Peoplesʼ Global Action and definitely is a part of its process in Europe and beyond. We think that the critical mass of Peoples’ Global Action in Europe at the moment is located in Balkans and Eastern Europe. This is happening because of a neccesity for solidarity networks as well as further work and cooparation between different collectives and individuals, which is mentioned by a large dynamic of activists.

Also this is happening because after the collapse of the totalitarian systems in the early begining on 90s new wars and poverty started on the Balkans and eastern Europe, as well as the new colonization from the western countries.

BND and collectives who involve with it have organized 2 infotours and two international meetings in Thessaloniki october 2007 and Maribor March 2008.

As a proposal at the moment we call for 3 days of discussion:

21st, 22nd and 23rd of August during the PGA conference for all of the various topics 21st of August: small introduction of BND and intro of the collectives and the program for the next fays (open to everybody to add issues) and workshops 22nd of August:

A) part Political situation in Balkans and Eastern Europe a discussion about Militarism and No border movement.

B) discuss a possibility for a no-border antimilitarist camp in Balkans in 2009 as well as a 2nd big meeting of BND as well as the possibility for antimilitarist decentralized Days of action IN balkan area during the NATO conference in Germany next year.

23rd of August:

A) working groups of the BND

(newsletter group, digital tools, translations, political narrative)

B) evaluation and final decission for the next steps

We are everywhere


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