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April 19 Chinese Global Day of Protest Against Western Media Bias and Against Western Support "Tibetan Independent"

Posted by Fredsvenn den april 22, 2008

Largely ignored by corporate media and self-censored by progressive media around the World, there’s been Chinese organized global day of protest at dozen cities across the World and China to protests Western media bias and Against political and media bias against China on Tibet–France, CNN and BBC.

Chinese around the World had been angered by western forces bias and false coverage at recent riot on China’s Tibet, and the related cold-war racist actions and xenophobia against China and Chinese around the World (for more information, please read my report What’s Going On in Tibet?) with false claims by Tibetan impendent activists, and the protest against upcoming China’s Beijing Olympic game on August, 2008.

Chinese around the World also angered by western corporate media and the so-called progressive media ignore their voice they often outnumbered «pro-Tibetan» protesters in 20 to 30 ratio. Without and proof and a sign of racist red-baiting, some falsely accuse Chines protesters are paid-government agents and nationalistic mobs.On April 9th during the San Francisco protest, CNN’s Jack Cafferty calling China’s goods «junk» and Chinese a «bunch of goons and thugs.»

This outraged the Chinese communities around the World, and prompted the community calls for April 19th Global day of actions against CNN, BBC and France (which French President and many politicians had openly call to against China on Tibet).

According to the media, tens of thousands across the World had participated at the coordinated global day of action, includes Paris (10,000) Los Angles (2,000- 5,000), London, Ireland, Berlin and several other cities, with some White, African American and Latino alliens came to support. In China, thousands of people in Chinese several cities had staged protest against French’s Carrefour superstore chain.

For more information

and the video

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