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PGA in Greece '08

Posted by Fredsvenn den april 19, 2008

5th Peoples’ Global Action Gathering in Europe – Athens 20th / 27th of August

All4allThe 5th gathering of Peoples Global Action in Europe this time will take place in Greece. A responsibility of organizing and coordinating the discussion that opened in the last meetings of PGA europe has taken by a decentralized network of activists and collectives in Balkans. Thats exactly and the essential advantage of this initiative. The convenor is not a local collective like other conferences in the past but a vital balkan decentralized network. On the preparation all of these months several questions , problems as well as ideas for taking action are allready mentioned by all of us who involve with a conference here!!! Again in the Balkan region!

We would like to open a long discussion about local activism in combination with a global perspective. In other words we want to discuss about the future of the PGA network and its process as well as the various projects , topics and ideas for action.

As a reference example : the following topics that we are allready working or we want to invite people to open meeting spaces during the PGA conference.

Autonomous spaces and squating, patriarchy, gender, radical feminism, anti repression, anti militarism, biotechnology, environmental struggles, indigenous spaces, antiglobalization, G8, DIY activities and sharing skills, fanzines, infoshops, PGA infopoints, land and autonomy, eco communities, digital struggles and autonomous servers, indymedia tools, precarity and flexibility, radical theory, productive networking, local alternatives, activism, other, be continued



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