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Tony Blair and Freedom of Speech

Posted by Fredsvenn den april 1, 2008

We have asked our supporters to create a «wall of sound» outside Westminster Cathedral at 7.00 pm on Thursday 3 April, when Blair gives his lecture on «Faith and Globalisation». He will be making the case for an «activist» foreign policy — in other words, for acts of aggression against other people’s countries.

We believe a noisy protest, which has a long and honourable history, is appropriate in these circumstances, particularly as the nightmare of Iraq, which is Blair’s legacy, continues to worsen by the day (see below). If the anti-war movement did nothing, our silence would be seen as endorsing Blair’s own plea that we «move on» from highlighting some of the worst war crimes in recent history, for which no one – least of all Blair, as one of the prime architects – has been held accountable.

It is not Blair’s right of free speech that we are attacking but his right to be regarded as a pillar of respectability, when he is in fact a war criminal. Instead of the ever dutiful mainstream media indulging Blair and his sanctimonious posturing, we want the voice of the anti-war majority to accompany every word he speaks, as he attempts to justify his warmongering in the name of what he calls «our values».

Please join us, if you agree that Tony Blair should not be in a cathedral pulpit but in the dock of a criminal court. Bring musical instruments and sound making implements of every kind — drums, trumpets, saxophones, violins, cymbals, whistles, sirens, horns, rattles, saucepans and cans. Every type of band, choir and musical group will be very welcome.


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