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What Planet is George Bush on?

Posted by Fredsvenn den mars 26, 2008

According to George Bush, the war in Iraq is "a major strategic victory" and "the successes we are seeing are undeniable". The reality for Iraqis is somewhat different, as described by Seumas Milne in The Guardian: "They have seen the physical and social destruction of their country, mass killing, tens of thousands thrown into jail without trial, rampant torture, an epidemic of sectarian terror attacks, pauperisation, and the complete breakdown of basic services and supplies." Iraq is ranked as the most violent and dangerous place in the world and, with four million refugees, it has become the greatest humanitarian crisis on the planet.

Just to underline Bush's delusion, Iraq's second biggest city - supposedly so successfully pacified that the British army could remove itself - has erupted into widespread violence. Across Iraq over 25 American troops have been killed in the last two weeks, bringing the total to 4000, nearly all of them dying since Bush announced "Mission Accomplished" in May 2003. There has been a sharp upturn in the number of Iraqi civilians killed in the same period, with the latest surveys confirming that a million may have died in the last five years.

And now we have the looming prospect of more war to follow these disasters, as Bush and his government blame Iran on a daily basis for the continuing attacks on the occupation armies - without producing a shred of evidence. The ground is clearly being laid for an attack on Iran which will escalate the suffering and instability of the region and have unimaginable consequences for the safety of the world at large.

The anti-war movement is as essential as ever in continuing to build active opposition to the war policies of our government, as Gordon Brown continues to support unreservedly the warmongering of the most unpopular US president in history.


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