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Stop The Clash of Civilizations

Posted by Fredsvenn den mars 17, 2008

Great news — our video «Stop The Clash of Civilizations» is one of six films nominated for «Best Political Video» at the 2007 YouTube Awards. Dismantling the false clash between Islam and the West, this 2-minute clip shows how global people power can bridge cultures and change things for the better — starting with a real peace process for the Middle East. The video has already been seen by milliions of people, and shown in hundreds of schools.

In the YouTube Awards, unlike the Oscars, the public decides which video wins — but we only have until this Wednesday 19th March to cast our votes, so now’s the time to act. If enough people vote for «Stop the Clash» in the next 72 hours, and we win, we can spread our message of hope like wildfire around the world. Click this link now to watch the video and cast your own vote.

Stop The Clash’s message is that the people of the world don’t buy, and don’t want, the «clash of civilizations» which the extremists are dragging us into. Beyond Bush and bin Laden, the world desperately needs us to join together across divides if we are ever to solve the shared challenges of climate change, poverty, tyranny and conflict. The clash of civilizations lie hides the bigger picture — where there’s far more to unite than divide us.

The winner of the YouTube award will get a lot of media attention, so we could spread the «Stop the Clash» message to many millions more. It’s up to us – click here to watch the video and vote.

With hope,

Paul, Ricken, Galit, Esra’a, Ben, Pascal, Graziela and the whole Avaaz team

PS – A lot of Avaaz members have written recently in support of a campaign on the crisis in Tibet, China. There are some difficult choices to be made on this campaign and we are running a poll to guide Avaaz’s course.

You can click here to take the poll


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