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Israel minister threatens "holocaust" in Occupied Gaza

Posted by Fredsvenn den mars 6, 2008

Israel’s deputy defense minister Matan Vilnai has threatened Palestinians in Gaza with a ”holocaust.” The BBC which reports this fact says that ”the word holocaust is a term rarely used in Israel outside discussions of the Nazi genocide during World War II.” Here is the country, supposedly the built from legacy of the Nazi holocaust now openly threatening genocide against another people.

What will the response of the world be? What will the response be of all those hypocrites that preach human rights and international law but praise Israel as the finest, most upstanding, most faultless nation on earth, or who know of its crimes but are afraid to act against it? What will the EU, NATO, the United States, the Arab League do? What will Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International do? What will the Save Darfur campaign do? What will those who express daily outrage about the statements of Ahmedinejad do? What will Ban Ki Moon and Javier Solana do?

What will «stalwart» supporters of Israel, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and John McCain say?

Israel is by its own admission all that it claims to abhor.

Ali Abunimah

Electronic Intifada.net


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