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ElBaradei tror ikke at rakettskjold er noen løsning

Posted by Fredsvenn den februar 29, 2008

ElBaradei tror ikke at rakettskjold er noen løsning
Her er et utdrag fra ElBaradeis innlegg på nedrustningskonferansen i Oslo denne uka:
Statements of IAEA Director General Dr. Mohamed ElBaradei
26 February 2008 | Oslo, Norway
Conference on «Achieving the Vision of a World Free of Nuclear Weapons»
«First, their call for «agreement on plans for countering missile threats to Europe, Russia and the U.S. from the Middle East.» This, in my view, would not necessarily lead to a viable solution. It is tantamount to building a wall around this deeply troubled region, which I am sure could be punctured in different ways, particularly in our increasingly globalised world.

What the rest of the world should actually concentrate on is reaching out to the Middle East by helping to address the dire conditions in the region – chronic and festering conflicts, poverty and social injustice, repression and inept governance. These very conditions are at the root of the pervasive sense of injustice and humiliation that translates into extremism and violence, the drivers for most of the world´s major non-proliferation and security concerns. We should not, therefore, quarantine the region but instead make a serious effort to integrate it. What we need is a security structure that is inclusive and not based on «us» versus «them,» the very mindset we are trying here to change.»


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