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USA: småsnask

Posted by Fredsvenn den februar 28, 2008

Lost History: How the Neocons Did It

If you want to know how the neoconservatives got control of the most powerful nation on earth, Robert Parry’s Lost History is a must-read. (To read more, click here.)


Charlie Wilson’s Warlords


The dominant U.S. narrative on the end of the Cold War is that it was won by Ronald Reagan with his hard-line foreign policy, including the Afghanistan War. In this guest essay, Ivan Eland examines whether this conventional wisdom is real or a myth, within the context of the recent movie, «Charlie Wilson’s War.»


Turkey’s Drug-Terrorism Connection

New allegations from former FBI translator Sibel Edmonds are focusing attention on shadowy intelligence networks in Turkey that also may implicate Americans and Israelis. To provide some background, we are republishing a 1997 investigative report by Martin A. Lee on Turkey’s drug and terrorism connections.


Pakistan’s Bomb, U.S. Cover-up

The London Sunday Times has published two stunning articles based on allegations from former FBI translator Sibel Edmonds about high-level U.S. complicity in Pakistan’s nuclear program. In this guest essay, Pentagon Papers whistleblower Daniel Ellsberg calls on the U.S. press corps to follow up on these disturbing disclosures.



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