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Om Bush klanen

Posted by Fredsvenn den februar 28, 2008


Bush Turns US Soldiers into Murderers

George W. Bush’s vision of an endless war against Islamic militants is not only degrading the quality of the U.S. military but is devastating its image as well. Exhausted American soldiers are exploiting loose rules of engagement to kill unarmed Iraqis and Afghanis.


Waterboarders for God

As George W. Bush reminded the National Prayer Breakfast to treat all God’s creatures as «precious,» his subordinates around Washington defended the use of waterboarding on terror suspects.
The juxtaposition stunned former CIA analyst Ray McGovern.


CBS Falsifies Iraq War History


In the real world, Saddam Hussein’s Iraq announced in 2002 that it didn’t have WMD, sent the U.N. a 12,000-page declaration to that effect, and let U.N. inspectors in to check. In George W. Bush’s world — and according to «60 Minutes» — none of that happened. January 28, 2008


Iran & Bush’s Crisis of Truth


As the time on his presidency ticks down, George W. Bush is still trying to stoke the fires of confrontation with Iran, relying on his signature mix of bellicosity and self-righteousness. In this guest essay, Peter Dyer looks at Bush’s new push in the context of his old lies.


The Fight for Bush’s Legacy

National Democrats seem content to let the clock run out on George W. Bush’s presidency with no serious effort to hold him accountable. The same approach was followed by Bill Clinton regarding George H.W. Bush in the 1990s with disastrous results.


The Bush Debacle: One Year to Go?

George W. Bush’s lease on the White House expires in one year, but his troubling legacy may endure, especially in the Iraq War. The Republican presidential frontrunner John McCain promises to keep the war going indefinitely, and Democrat Hillary Clinton may come under heavy pressure from neocon backers to go slow on any withdrawal.


G.W. Bush Is a Criminal, Like His Dad

Attorney General Michael Mukasey danced around the obvious, that George W. Bush sanctioned torture of terror suspects and thus should face impeachment and/or prosecution. But the Democrats were happy to join in Mukasey’s minuet, much like they did during the Clinton years in ignoring evidence of George H.W. Bush’s crimes.


Bush Family Chronicles: The Patriarchs

Many Americans wonder how a family as arrogant and corrupt as the Bushes seized power in the United States. As Morgan Strong notes in this guest essay, part of the answer can be found in the excessive secrecy that let the rich and powerful hide their dirt.


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