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Cairo Conference 27.-30. March

Posted by Fredsvenn den januar 27, 2008

The Cairo Conference is a key meeting place for those opposing war and occupation from Iraq, Palestine, Egypt and the international anti-war movement. The event, which has been held for the past six years, brings together delegates from the global social movements, the international anti-war movement, the trade unions, the left and radical parties and the national liberation movements. It takes place this year between 27-30 March. For a booking form and details of transport, accommodation etc.

The Cairo Conference also facilitates The Forum, an open space accessible to all who agree on the principles of the conference. In previous years writers and artists, independent workers’ groups and trade unionists, the Egyptian Doctors’ Union; the Egyptian Bar Association, the Egyptian Journalists Union, independent women’s organizations and activists, independent farmers’ groups, human rights activists, cinema, theatre and cultural groups have organised events at the Forum.


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