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The US Occupation and Popular Opinion in Iraq

Posted by Fredsvenn den januar 10, 2008

The US Occupation and Popular Opinion in Iraq«No nation that claims to value democracy for the world’s people can maintain a military occupation against the will of the occupied population. Yet despite what seems like a fundamental moral truism—the notion that a military occupation of one country by another can only be justified if the occupied population supports it—mainstream commentators in this country rarely broach the subject of Iraqi attitudes toward the US-led occupation. Iraqi public opinion polls …»


Én kommentar to “The US Occupation and Popular Opinion in Iraq”

  1. oceanpower28 said

    I find it very sad that the American people by and large seem completely in the dark about the fact that our military is occupying a country that is wholeheartedly against their presence. It would be one thing if they had arrived and begun to fix the problems left over from the Saddam regime but it is a sad reality thaty very early on they made their intentions clear- which are to occupy their country and control their resources. The fact that electricity and clean running water have not been fully restored seven years and billions of us tax dollars spent later is just criminal. We should be doing more to get to the root of the problem and the problem is that the military is not doing their ‘job’ there and are completely and unwelcome and destructive presence on Iraqi society.

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