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Nobel peace prize – for peace movement

Posted by Fredsvenn den januar 10, 2008

Many efforts are valuable and may contribute to peace, but it was a specific idea, a demilitarized world order, with fraternity among nations, that was the core of the idea that Nobel wished to support and promote with his peace prize.


Nobel tasked the Norwegian parliament with awarding the Nobel Peace Prize, through a select committee of five. Like the other 5 prizes Nobel established, the peace prize is intended for «those who, during the preceding year, shall have conferred the greatest benefit on mankind»


It is necessary now to remind Parliament and the committee that, as executors of his will, it is the intention of Nobel, as reflected in his words, that they are obliged to respect. A renewed respect for Nobel´s anti-militaristic idea would be the most beneficial contribution to improving the environment, recducing poverty, protecting human rights, avoiding conflicts. Reducing the military sector is to combat a major source of pollution and depletion of resources and a gigantic threat to continued life on earth.


We are now making an effort to resurrect respect for the Peace Prize that Nobel wished to create. It is vital that the committee shall receive nominations for peace activists for the 2008 prize.


Nobel was visionary and foresighted -we need his ideas today, more than ever! The persons/organizations who work for disarmament and peace need the visibility and the respect and the considerable publicity that the prize would give to disarmament work.


With all the sympathy one may have for rewards that go to environmental efforts, poverty reduction, democracy/planting of trees, there can be no doubt that such awards have reduced the distinctive profile of the Peace prize that Nobel envisioned. 


Please do what you can to make sure that champions for peace are nominated. One can not propose oneself. Please study the rules for nomination (cathegories of persons entitled to nominate, time limit etc.) at nobel.se – http://nobelprize.org/nomination/peace/nominators.html:

So please: By January 31, 2008 enter nominations, (by someone entitled to nominate), which praise the candidate – and preferably refer to the will of Nobel and explain the relevance of the candidate in view of the peace idea Nobel wished to support, namely:


Efforts that are

        1. pursue a fundamental change: a world without/with less militarism and wars

        2. International, not regional/local

        3. that promote arms limitation/abolition, international law and order

        4. that promote brotherly, good, co-operative relations between states

        5. that organize congresses/inform, distribute or promote peace ideas


Send to: The Norwegian Nobel Committee, Henrik Ibsens gate 51, N-0255 Oslo, Norway.


Please come back with questions you may have and/or feedback on action taken in response to this email.


Wishing you a successful year with good progress for peace!

Fredrik S. Heffermehl


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