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Global dag mot krig

Posted by Fredsvenn den januar 10, 2008

Den internasjonale fredskonferansen i desember, hvor 1200 delegater fra rundt om i verden møtte opp, avtalte å holde en internasjonalt koordinert anti-krigs demonstrasjon fra Bagdad til New York i mars 2008, 5 års markeringen for invasjonen av Irak. Den britiske demonstrasjonen vil finne sted i London lørdag den 15. mars under banneret til Stop the War Coalition, støttet av CND og British Muslim Initiative. Planer for nasjonale WORLD AGAINST WAR protester har blitt laget i alle fem kontinenter.

En egen WORLD AGAINST WAR webside har blitt etablert for å koordinere den internasjonale mobiliseringen den 15.-22. mars, som kontinuerlig vil bli oppdatert med detaljer av planlagte protester og annen informasjon. Websiden er allerede på seks språk, inkludert arabisk og spansk og flere språk vil komme til. Man kan sende info om WORLD AGAINST WAR protester i forbindelse med 5-års markeringen til: info@theworldaginstwar.org. Her vil man forsøke å gi det fyldigste bildet av alle aktiviteter og demonstrasjoner, deres størrelse og hvor de finner sted.


The US is spending 6000 dollars every second on its wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. In December 2007 the US Congress voted George Bush a further 70 billion dollars for his war plans, on top of the 620 billion dollars a year it now takes to fund the US war machine.

What are the warmongers plans for the coming year?

* IRAQ: Continuing war and occupation, with Britain providing thousands of troops for no other reason than to give political cover to George Bush.

* AFGHANISTAN: Escalation of the war, not least by Gordon Brown’s government

* IRAN: Intensified threats against Iran, as shown by the recent Straights of Hormuz «incident»

* PAKISTAN: Threats of «pre-emptive» intervention in Pakistan, where political turmoil is to a large extent a consequence of US interference and the «war on terror» . All
the candidates currently campaigning for nomination to be George Bush’s successor say they are prepared to launch unilateral military strikes in Pakistan.

* KURDS: Continuing support for Turkey’s air attacks on the Kurdish region of Iraq and for Turkey’s threats to invade.

Every indicator shows that the people of the world oppose this warmongering, not least in Iraq, where all major polls over the last four years have shown that the Iraqi people believe the prime cause of mass death, destruction and instability in their country is the US occupation. The myth, peddled by George Bush and the ever compliant mainstream media, that the Iraq war is no longer an important issue for the American people has been destroyed by the current US presidential campaign, in which Iraq has been shown as one of the top issues for voters. A recent BBC poll showed that more than two thirds of people around the world think American-led forces should pull out of Iraq within a year, including 61 per cent in the US and 65 per cent in Britain.

This is the challenge for the international anti-war movement. In 2008, a world against war faces a year of yet more war from the same architects of the Iraq and Afghanistan disasters. Which is why we need to continue mobilising the widest support for active and visible opposition to the war plans of George Bush and his most subservient ally, Gordon Brown. And it is why the call for internationally co-ordinated protests on the fifth anniversary of the Iraq invasion was supported unanimously by 1200 delegates at the international World Against War Conference in London last December.


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