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Was Benazir Bhutto a Martyr of Democracy or a Corrupted US Puppet?

Posted by Fredsvenn den januar 7, 2008

Link to the full six articlesA recent CNN poll showed that 46 percent of Pakistanis approve of Osama bin Laden.President George Bush, the face of a campaign to bring democracy — or, at least, some form of sharia-lite that might pass for democracy — to the Islamic world, registered nine percent. Nine!

If you want to know what to make of former prime minister Benazir Bhutto’s murder today in Pakistan, ponder that.

There is the Pakistan of our fantasy. The burgeoning democracy in whose vanguard are judges and lawyers and human rights activists using the “rule of law” as a cudgel to bring down a military junta. In the fantasy, Bhutto, an attractive, American-educated socialist whose prominent family made common cause with Soviets and whose tenures were rife with corruption, was somehow the second coming of James Madison.

Then there is the real Pakistan: an enemy of the United States and the West.

The Bhuto File: Op-eds by Robert Fisk, Tariq Ali, Rami G. Khouri, Juan Cole, Murtaza Shibli, Frank Gardener, the BBC, and The Russian Evidence 

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RAWALPINDI, Pakistan, Dec. 27 — Benazir Bhutto, for decades the central figure in a tortured struggle to bring democratic rule to Pakistan, was assassinated Thursday afternoon as she waved to supporters after a political rally, plunging the country into new turmoil just days before scheduled elections.

The death of the former prime minister creates a massive political void in this nuclear-armed nation of 165 million people and opens the door to potentially greater violence in a year of almost nonstop tumult here. It leaves in tatters Washington’s strategy of fighting extremism by pairing Bhutto with President Pervez Musharraf, a close U.S. ally who has been under siege in the streets for months.
Around the world Thursday, government leaders pleaded with Bhutto’s countrymen to remain calm. In Texas, President Bush urged the Pakistani people «to honor Benazir Bhutto’s memory by continuing with the democratic process for which she so bravely gave her life.»
There was no immediate assertion of responsibility for the killing. Musharraf, who addressed the nation on television, condemned the assassination and blamed Islamic extremists. He declared three days of national mourning. But Bhutto’s supporters pinned responsibility on allies of Musharraf, the former chief of the army. Partisans of the slain leader rioted in cities and towns across the country, burning police cars, looting shops and firing guns.
Thursday night, grieving supporters carried Bhutto’s body in a plain wooden coffin from the hospital where she had been declared dead. Her body was taken to an airport and was being flown to her family’s ancestral home in the Larkana district of southern Pakistan for burial at an as-yet-unannounced time.
Musharraf was closeted with advisers late Thursday, debating strategy. It was unclear whether the Jan. 8 parliamentary elections for which Bhutto was campaigning when she was killed would proceed; at least one major party vowed to boycott the vote.
«If there’s a lot more violence, then it’s possible the whole democratic process will be derailed,» political analyst Hasan-Askari Rizvi said.
Other observers saw glimmers of conciliation. «This can turn into anarchy,» said Talat Masood, a retired general and political analyst. «Or it can turn into something Benazir Bhutto could not achieve in life but may achieve in death. It could provide the momentum needed for a return to the rule of law and democracy. It could go either way.»
Bhutto, 54, led one of Pakistan’s most important political families. She had many fans but also persistent critics who accused her of corruption and derided her position in her party: chairperson for life.
She narrowly survived a similar assassination attempt just two months ago, when attackers killed more than 140 people in coordinated blasts targeting a homecoming procession shortly after she returned from eight years of exile. Since then, she had been campaigning across the country, hoping to win for a third time the job of prime minister, saying all the while that she knew she was likely to be attacked again.
Thursday’s strike came at dusk, in a public park where another Pakistani prime minister, Liaquat Ali Khan, was assassinated in 1951. A few miles away is the site of the prison, now demolished, where Bhutto’s father, Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto, was confined. He was president from 1971 to 1973 and then prime minister until 1977, when he was hanged by the military-led government that deposed him.
Benazir Bhutto, wearing a white head scarf, addressed a rally in the park, then got into her bulletproof sport-utility vehicle. She was being driven out of the park when she asked that the vehicle’s sunroof be opened so she could bid thousands of supporters farewell, according to witnesses and several aides, including one who had been sitting next to her.
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 And two readers’ opinions of interest:

The Prime Minister of Pakistan does not have significant power. It is the military officers who have several homes and several Mercedes. The military budget is not even known to the Prime Minister nor does the Prime Minister exercise more than limited control over the military. It was the military, under Musharraf who supported and created the rise of the Taliban, and both he as well as the ISI has worked closely with Al Qaeda. (Both AQ Khan and bin Laden jointly owned the pharmaceutical plant in Sudan the was destroyed by cruise missiles, as well as a hotel in Timbuktu). Further, the military diverted money, during the Reagan administration to the military and to AQ Khan in order to create several nuclear weapons and to modify F 16’s jets to enable them to carry nuclear bombs. They use US money to buy missiles from North Korea and the Chinese. Both the military and Khan then sold nuclear weapon designs and actual  hardware in order to finance the military  which was run independently of the government and the Prime Minister’s office,

Further, the Reagan administration continually lied to congress and continually certified Pakistan as being in compliance with the Nuclear Non Proliferation Treaty, when they knew quite well they were not, in order to keep the money flowing to the anti=Soviet rebels in Afghanistan even though the money never got there as it was diverted to the nuclear weapons program.

The Reagan administration must bear much of the responsibility for much of the uncertainly that now exists because of Pakistans nuclear weapons and the potential of Pakistan to decay into chaos.

(Responding to criticism)

… Today she is dead…mute.. I happen to find this kind of criticism of her life political or otherwise..mute.

 She was a sister in Islam,a member of the umma, and a brave woman.

 This is time for Azza.. mourning …for in the end she is just as every other Muslim. The words that matter are these I wrote.. Allah Yahimro. She will answer to Allah. He is the judge in this matter. At the very least we should mourn for her brutal assassination and pray for her and her family , and the people of Pakistan. And pray for ourselves.

  The point is she is dead ,  and no matter how corrupt she might have been ( she was never convicted on those charges) and even if … where is your humanity and your compassion?

 God Forgive her! But she did not commit suicide,, she was brutally murdered for her convictions. we don’t ha to agree with them,,, but it is a mighty person who can stand up , with the full knowledge of the risk for her life.. and speak and lead. As I said Despite the Mullahs and extremists who cannot stand to see a Muslim Female Leader.

   These fools even keep women out of the masjids.

She is dead , and I don’t need to criticize her life, now… now I simply have to honor the sunnah and wisely pray for her mercy in jeenah.. and for the children and  family at  time of terrible grief. Once again her personality was not her politics.. she was a woman and a politician. we have much time  to review her politics.. but for now, its is obligatory to wish her an easy passage as she meets her maker. May her journey be easy and I do hope that despite her faults that Muslim women do find in her a role model,, and learn that no man can keep them down, and should aspire to greatness.


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