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Posted by Fredsvenn den desember 4, 2007

Venezuela Solidarity 

Email us at vsn@afgj.org Call us at 202-544-9355 or 520-243-0381)


Shout out for VenezuelaTell the US Congress: 

No US Sponsored Coup Attempt in Venezuela


Venezuela is under direct threat!!!  New evidence has been uncovered about plans to overthrow the democratically elected government of Venezuela, and even to assassinate its president, Hugo Chavez.  The time for American citizens who favour justice and non-intervention to spring into action is not the day after a coup, but the days before!


Demand that Congress:


1)  Intervene to stop US violations of Venezuelan sovereignty by the State Department and the CIA;


2)  Respect the electoral decisions of the Venezuelan people;


3)  Investigate recent evidence of a US sponsored and directed plot to overthrow the democratically elected government of Venezuela;


We are urging solidarity and pro-Democracy activists everywhere to call, email, and/or visit your members of the House and Senate and the US State Department and demand that there be NO US sponsored and funded, CIA directed, coup attempt against the people and government of Venezuela. 


We are urging non-US citizens to also contact US Embassies and Consulates.  Please email AND call Congress.  While emails alone are less effective, emails combined with phone calls and/or visits to Congressional and other government offices are a powerful strategy to get the word out.


Plots are already underway to overthrow the democratically elected government of Venezuela — plots which are being coordinated with sectors of the US government.  Most distressing is the recent uncovering of a memo from CIA Officer Michael Middleton Steer to the CIA Director General Michael Hayden outlining details of «Operation Pliers», an effort to interfere in the Dec. 2nd vote on constitutional reforms in Venezuela, and to encourage a coup against the Venezuelan government.  The memo indicates that as much as $8million dollars, funnelled through USAID, have been given by the US government to finance the opposition’s campaign against the reforms.  The memo details strategies for interfering with and discrediting the vote, and calls for steps to be taken that would lead to an overthrow of the Venezuelan government, including support provided from US military bases in Curacao and Colombia.


This is just one piece of evidence recently uncovered indicating preparation for a US sponsored coup. Others include CNN briefly showing a picture of President Chavez with a caption that read, «Who killed him? Supposedly it was a technical error. There have also been reports that at a recent rally a laser pointer appeared on Chavez’ chest and head, and recently a cache of weapons and US military uniforms were found at a private residence in Caracas.


There is one fact that every Congress person and every citizen in the US needs to know:  democracy is alive and well in Venezuela.  Whether we like it or not, the current government of Venezuela is an elected and popular government.  Its elections have been certified by a number of international bodies, including the Carter Center, the Organization of American States, the European Union, and the NAACP.  Any attempt by the US to support an overthrow of the Venezuelan government would be interpreted by the world as an assault against democracy and an abandonment of democratic principles.


The CIA, the State Department, USAID, and the Bush administration have to know that US sponsored coup attempt in Venezuela is unacceptable. There must be a Congressional investigation regarding this memo and other violations of Venezuela’s sovereignty.


Here are some informative links that will help you better understand the current situation in Venezuela.


The current US sponsored threats to Venezuelan democracy


CIA Operation «Pliers» Uncovered in Venezuela



For accurate information about the Constitutional Reforms:


Democracy Still Alive and Well in Venezuela

What is Venezuela’s Constitutional Reform Really About





Help Build a US Based Movement in Solidarity with Venezuela:


The Venezuela Solidarity Network is in great financial need – very unfortunate, given the current circumstances! We are doing good work, but we need the resources to keep the work up.


If you think that the following are worth while…


* Organizing an Emergency Response Network so that we are ready to mobilize resistance to US intervention in Venezuela in times of crisis;

* Sending out twice monthly action alerts to counter provocations against Venezuela;

* Organizing symposiums and conferences to educate and inform solidarity activists;

* Sponsoring days of solidarity that are locally based and nationally connected;

* Sending US citizens to Venezuela to learn about the good things going on so they can come back and work to change US policy.


…then, please, contribute what you can to make sure we can keep doing the good work we do. 


To contribute

Global Womens strike

News from the Global Women’s Strike in Venezuela



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