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Opprop mot tyrkisk angrep på Nord Irak

Posted by Fredsvenn den november 6, 2007

Ettersom trusselen om krig økes i Tyrkia har følgende erklæring blitt laget av en gruppe individer i Tyrkia mot et angrep på Irak. Signer erklæringen som enkeltindivid, organisasjon, og skriv hvilket yrke du har eller om det er anti-krig eller anti-globalisering og send den videre til dine nettverk.



“Et øye for et øye vil gjøre hele verden blind»


A motion has been passed by the Turkey’s parliament to authorise the Turkish army to officially enter Iraq. This threatens a major escalation of the conflict in the region. It creates the risk of a sharpened civil war in Northern Iraq. An attack – invasion will bring misery and death to hundred of thousands of people.

Using the excuse of a recent landmine attack in which 13 Turkish soldiers died, the Turkish army has already started massive military operations in South East Turkey and there are reports that civilian villages in Northern Iraq have been hit.

However, the past 18 months have seen a succession of provocations by Turkey’s “deep state” to prepare the ground for such an attack. Many civilians, mostly Kurds, and many children have died in these incidents, which are blamed on the PKK. In one famous case, members of the security forces were caught red-handed planting bombs.

The recent election to the Turkish parliament of 20 independent Kurdish MPs offered hope of a peaceful political solution to the Kurdish problem in Turkey. An attack on Iraq will sink this hope and mean death and destruction for the Kurdish people of Turkey as well. A Turkish incursion will be a further step down the road to chaos and destruction created by Bush and Blair’s invasion of Iraq.

We call on the anti-war movement all over the world to stand out against this very dangerous escalation of the war in Iraq.

No to a Turkish invasion of Iraq! All troops out of Iraq!

Signaturer så langt:

Beatriz Abarca, Profesora, Chile

Mercè Adrové, , Asociación ecumene-ecumenic, Spain

Greg Albo, Socialist Project, Canada

Samir Amin, Writer, Third World Forum, Senegal.

Mauricio Arenas, , CUPW Local 626, Canada,

Saeed Baloch, General Secretary, Fisherfolk Forum, Pakistan

Jose Oscar Beozzo, University Professor, Brasil

Laura Bergomi, Italy

Pablo Gabriel López Blanco, Sacerdote e escritor, Brazil

Renato Bologonese, Associazione per la pace di Novara, Italy,

Andrew J. Brouwer, Barrister, Canada

George, Caffentzis, professor , University of Southern Maine, USA,

Dr. Mario Candeias, Political Scientist, Rosa Luxemburg Foundation, Germany

Pedro Casaldaliga, Bispo católico, , Brasil

Jose Luis Ruiz Castillo, Writer, Les dones del 36, Spain,

Elena Cavallone, Bsc University of Milan , Associazione per la Pace, Italy,

George Chalkias, , Ecological Interference, Greece,

Paul Chislett, Student, Windsor Peace Alliance, Canada,

Cinzia Colombo, Italy,

Fiona Dove, Executive Director, Transnational Institute, Netherlands

Dr. Rosinha, Federal Deputy, PT, Brazil

Valentina Franchi, Italy,

Sam Gidin, Packer Chair in Social Justice, York University, Canada,

Llum Ventura Gil, , Les dones del 36, Spain,

Daniel M. Griffith, Ph.D. Biologist, , USA,

Cristina Hoar, Coordinadora, Dpto. de JUPIC de CONFERRE, Chile,

Mário Augusto Jakobskind, Brasil

Art Jaszczyk, Educator for Peace & Justice, OSSTF District 12-Toronto, Canada,

Ali Akbar Kangarani, Plataforma aturem la guerra, Spain,

Tamara Kunananyakam, Economist, , Sri Lanka,

Krishna Lalbiharie, Anti-war activist, Palestine Support Network-Winnipeg, Canada,

Patrick Linder, MA Latin American Studies PhD Candidate, University of California, , Canada,

Nancy S. Lovejoy, USA,

Paola Manduca, Anti-war Activist, Italy

Yolanda Refusta Martínez,

Paola Merelo, Italy

Dimitris Mizaras, Marxist Workers League, Finland

Marco Morganti, Italy,

John Morris, Peace Party, UK, m

Hadayt Nazami, Lawyer, , Canada,

Fr.Tissa Balasuriya Omi, Theologian, , Sri Lanka,

Jean-Pierre Page, Trade unionist, France,

Leo Panitch, Professor, York University, Canada,

Olivia Pastorelli, teacher, Italian Peace Association-Milan, Italy,

Sean Purdy, University Professor, Activist, Revolutas, Brazil,

Roberto Ramírez, Editor, Socialismo-o-Barbarie, Argentina

Seemati, Ramnarain, Accounting Clerk, , Canada,

Marta, Rampichini, Teacher, , Italy,

Avelino Gómez de la, Riva, , Estación Agrícola Experimental, Spain,

William I. , Robinson, Professor of Sociology, University of California-Santa Barbara, USA,

Prof. Alfredo, Saad Filho, Head of Department of Development Studies, SOAS, University of London, UK,

Daniela, Schelling, Erzieherin, , Germany,

Richard, Schmitt, Professor Emeritus Philosophy, Brown University, USA

Stefa, Shaler, Canada,

Sasha , Simic, USDAW Shop Steward , , UK,

Marks, Wissen, Social Scientist, , Germany,

Dr. Stefanie, Wöhl, Lecturer, University of Vienna, Austria,

Keith , Woodward, Lecturer in Human Geography, University of Exeter, UK,

Edlira , Xhafa, Researcher, Trade Union Centre for Education and Research., Albenia,

Iniciativa Mexicana contra la Guerra, , Iniciativa Mexicana contra la Guerra, Mexico,


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