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SOS Iraq

Posted by Fredsvenn den september 14, 2007

With hundreds of thousands killed, 4 million homeless, and massive ethnic cleansing, Iraq is not just a political disaster– it is now the greatest humanitarian crisis in the world. But this week, incredibly, US President Bush and General Petraeus will claim their approach is working, and refuse to change their devastating course. It’s time for the world to step in.

Over 100,000 of us have already signed the «NEW Plan» for Iraq – calling for a UN-brokered diplomatic solution and a full US withdrawal, but we need a major power to support the plan. Of all the world powers, France has led opposition to the war. It could be the strongest voice to call for international action as most world leaders converge on the UN next week for its annual summit. Sign our petition for a new plan for Iraq, and we’ll deliver it to French President Sarkozy and notify the French media.

As warring parties with blood on their hands, neither the US nor Iraq’s government have any hope of mediating peace talks to end the war. It’s time for the international community to stop playing ‘we told you so’, and launch a diplomatic initiative to save Iraq. Let’s begin by raising a massive global outcry for France and other powers to step up at the UN!

PS for all the facts & figures behind our campaign on the massive humanitarian catastrophe engulfing Iraq and links to independent analysis that shows how the US strategy is failing, click here.

For the BBC/ABC/Japanese TV poll revealing how ordinary Iraqis want a change of course.

McClatchy Newspapers syndicate report on the crisis in Iraq, and how the US are spinning it.


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